Everything revolves around you.

Walter Bähren, Managing Director

Bähren unterzeichnet die Charta der Vielfalt!

Bähren Pharma-Packaging advocates an appreciative and unprejudiced work environment that values talent based on merit - regardless of age, ethnicity and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental ability,
religion and ideology, sexual orientation and social origin. Recognizing and promoting diverse potential creates economic benefits for our organization.

That is why we signed the 'charta der vielfalt' (PDF)

Within the framework of the Diversity Charter, we will continue to:

  • cultivate an organizational culture characterized by mutual respect and appreciation. We create the conditions for managers and employees to recognize, share and live these values. In doing so, they have a special obligation.
  • review our HR processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees and our performance aspirations.
  • recognize diversity within and outside the organization, value the potential it contains, and use it profitably for the company or institution.
  • make the charta contents topic of inner an outer dialog.
  • provide public information on our activities and progress in promoting diversity and appreciation on an annual basis.
  • inform our workforce about the added value of diversity and involve them in implementing the charter.

We are convinced: Living diversity and appreciating this diversity have a positive

impact on our organization and on society in Germany.

The Diversity Charter is an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Our former German Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is patron. The initiative aims to advance the recognition, appreciation and inclusion of diversity in organizational culture in Germany. More than 3,900 companies and institutions have already signed the Diversity Charter.

You can receive further information about diversity management and the charta of diversity by clicking the Link below:


Stands for

  • Reliability
  • Community
  • Enthusiasm
  • Trust
  • Fairness

And deliver these values through our 'Baehren Kodex' to our Workforce


Finally, we would also like to consciously draw everyone's attention to the General Equal Treatment Act once again:

The General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) has been in force since 2006.
§1 prohibits discrimination on these grounds:

  • gender
  • of everyone
  • race and ethnicity
  • religion and beliefs
  • sexual orientation
  • disabilitys

Protected by the law are:

  • trainees and interns
  • Applicants
  • employees
  • all employee-like employees
  • temporary workers
According to the AGG, discrimination on the basis of the above-mentioned criteria is prohibited in hiring, working conditions, wage payment, promotion opportunities and termination of the employment relationship. In the event of a violation, you are entitled to compensation in accordance with § 15 AGG. (PDF - General Equal Treatment Act)PDF – Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz)

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