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for us it's all about technique.

Lisa Heines, Quality Control

Quality Assurance

Documented procedures, controlled processes and constant audits are the key to our high quality standard. They allow us to track all of the printed products, step by step.This ensures the highest degree of safety and quality.

In-process instead of just on the side.

With us, the product requirements are carefully examined from the outset, unique product identifications are given and traceability to the paper machine is guaranteed. 

Recorded results for all process steps, materials used and tests are recorded and archived for every batch. In addition, we scrutinise every single product during the in-process checks by using camera inspections.


High demands on man, machine and material 

To ensure the smooth production process, our production lines as well as our employees must be qualified at all operational levels. We achieve this through validations, qualifications and regular training.

In terms of product quality, we rely on the most accurate input, in-process and final inspections of all batches, using the latest fault assessment list for secondary packaging as the basis for this.

State of the Art

Continuous improvement