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Svend Herder, Technical Management

Sustainability & Responsibility

As a graphical business, we and our customers are among the largest energy consumers and customers of wood products. That is why we have a special responsibility to our environment and subsequent generations.

As a company, we want to fulfil this special responsibility and also offer our customers the opportunity to assume responsibility themselves.

You can also get active: By choosing to print your orders on FSC®-certified papers made from sustainable forestry. In addition, we offer you the opportunity to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated during the production of your printed products and thus make a crucial contribution to climate protection.

The efficient use of energy, responsible material procurement and a resource-conserving handling of material are the core points of our environmental philosophy. We utilise heat recovery to drastically reduce the use of fossil fuels.

We are FSC® certified

By using FSC-certified paper, we support an environmentally conscious, socially responsible and economically viable management of the forests. Compliance with strict FSC criteria is ensured by a complete control chain. For you and your customers, we document the use of this environmentally-friendly paper by imprinting the FSC seal.

Ask us about our FSC-certified papers.

Climate-neutral print products

Help us to reduce CO2 emissions! Bähren is a certified climate partner and, with climate-neutral printing, offers you the possibility to compensate for the CO2 emissions generated throughout the entire production process of your printed products. The climate-neutral compensation occurs through the purchase and decommissioning of ecologically highly valuable emissions reduction certificates from recognised climate protection projects.

Occupational Safety

When operations are to run like clockwork in a business, the workflows have to be well thought-out and coordinated. A core goal of ours is satisfied and healthy employees as well as safe and ergonomic workplaces. We therefore explicitly communicate with one another in order to constantly and actively contribute to improving working conditions.

Established 5S Programme

A 5S programme was established to keep order and cleanliness at a consistently high level and to constantly improve it. Hygiene guidelines are defined and are monitored and we live them as part of regular internal and external audits.


Social commitment


Donations for organizations

KID Kind in Düsseldorf gGmbH

Materialspenden an diverse regionale Kindergärten

Support for sports clubs

Handwerker Golf-Cup

Sportverein Rot-Weiss Hockstein