Full flexibility and customization for your labels

Barcode labels

These days, more and more products are being provided with barcodes in all industries and sectors. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, barcodes have always played a key role in a wide variety of designs.

With our many years of experience in this field, we have a tremendous selection of different forms of implementation of your barcode labels. Be it vignettes for the unique identification and sustainable traceability of medications or EAN labels for the structured identification and allocation of your sensitive products, which is indispensable in the laboratory field. The entire production and supply chain can be completely monitored here.


We create the standard-compliant barcode label with the information you require. We can also take on the management of your numbering groups in sequential labels and make the uninterrupted sequential numbering easier for you for orders.

Types of Barcodes

  • 2D-/QR-Barcodes
  • EAN-Codes in different designs
  • Laetus / pharmaceutical codes
  • Unique fibre-fingerprint
  • and much more