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Tamper EvidenT Etikett


The possibilities to collect evidence tampering (tamper evidence) on the labelled good are very diverse. For example, the lid of a can or bottle can be connected with the rest of the label with a seal, which is destroyed during the initial opening. Frequently, this is a so-called wet adhesive label, which peels off easily without being destroyed due to the type of glue used and can be reattached. The paper seal thus indicates the initial opening in its function, but it is easy to tamper with and make the tampering hard to see.

At this point, a variety of combinations of top material, adhesive and punching tools are used. For example, it may well be desired that the top material peels off without damage, but the adhesive remains on the product.

Void effect

This may be black and thus cover the underlying information or show lettering, such as Void. Different colours as well as texts and font sizes are also possible here.

So-called split or destructible materials can also be used here. The top material is destroyed here in that it always tears (split) or is destroyed (destructible). With all options, the adhesive must be tailored to the product to be adhered to as well as be tailored to the storage properties.

Furthermore, almost any material can be provided with additional geometric stamping shapes within the label in order to force the destruction or tearing of materials that are not set as split or destructive when an attempt is made to peel them off.

Split effect

To prevent unwanted reprinting (anti-counterfeit) possibly on the correct top material, different features can be applied during printing, as with banknotes These include, in particular, variable data in a closed system, such as securPharm® or our Fiber Fingerprint solution.
Printing technology offers coin reactive colours, partial luminescence, micro-inscriptions, hot foil stamping / holograms; possibly with one's logo and for B2B shipping of customer-specific taggets with special end devices.