Full flexibility and customization for your labels

Safety Elements & Special Materials

Safety Elements

  • Microtext
    printed extremely small font, which can usually only be seen with a magnifying glass and not with the naked eye
  • Fluorescence
    printed invisible elements that are only visible under UV light
  • Coin Reactive
    printed invisible elements that are made visible by scrubbing with metal (e.g. coin)
  • Hologram
    applied as a strip, text or logo in various patterns with gold and metal effects
  • Safety punching
    integrated safety punching, which irreversibly destroys the label when removed
  • Individualisation/Barcodes
    including personalisations, serialisations, numbering - simply one-of-a-kind! 

Special Materials

  • No-Label-Look
    Especially in the cosmetics or beverage industry, transparent labels have now become a cost-effective and easily replaceable alternative to the direct printing of products.
    The labels are printed on clear flexible films with special adhesives, which on various surfaces make it possible to only see the printing and therefore are "no label".
    Various finishing options can also give these labels a high quality character, which once again clearly highlights the product in a broad product range.
  • Sandwich
  • Unique fibre-fingerprint
  • Void/Split/Destructible/No-Stick
  • Peel-Off